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DeafDigest – 13 June 2014

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, June 13, 2014

— bad news for Matt Hamill

Bad news for Matt Hamill! He was supposed to take part
in a World Series of Fighting event next month. While
training for that event, he hurt his knee. At this
point we will have to wait and see if he still plans
to fight again.


— The Hulk’s biggest secret

Lou Ferrigno, a deaf man, is well known for his
past TV roles as the Hulk during the late seventies
and early eighties. Before he became the Hulk, he
was a world champion in bodybuilding and briefly
as a pro football player in Canada. What was his
biggest secret he had for many years? As a kid
he loved to read these comic books – Superman,
Spider-Man, Incredible Hulk and dreamed of
becoming a Strong Man. His dreams came true –
football player, bodybuilding champion and
a TV role.


— a deaf discrimination lawsuit irony

A deaf man was fired from his job. The employer turned
down his requests for TTY machine, a video phone, and
text messaging device. He filed a formal complaint
with the EEOC and won. But there was a big irony.
It was not a private employer that fired him, but
a Detroit non-profit service agency that helps
the deaf and the disabled! While his job title was
independent living specialist, he was not allowed
to use the devices he needed to function! So, this
was a nonprofit agency discriminating against
people that they were supposed to serve!





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