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DeafDigest – 18 June 2014

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, June 18, 2014

— a deaf business is town’s #1 biggest employer

A deaf man started a business seven years ago – selling
mushrooms. After some problems getting started, the
business has taken off. A mushroom farm grows these
mushrooms for export into three cities. The business
has grown to the point where 25 nearby mushroom farmers
are subcontracted and that 500 people work in this
mushroom industry. This business is not in USA, but
in Pudhupatti, India, a small town of less than 8,000
people. The business name is Udayan Mushroom Farm,
and the owner is Manoj Kumar. This business is probably
the small town’s biggest employer!

— a deaf twist to the Miss Michigan Pageant

DeafDigest announced few days ago that a deaf woman,
KT Maviglia is the Miss Michigan. But there is a
twist to this story. The runner up is Nicole Miller.
She is not deaf but attends Lansing Community College,
and works in the school interpreter program for the deaf!
Why couldn’t Nicole interpret for KT during the pageant?
Because KT does not use ASL. And speaking of KT, her
real name is Katie Marie. Possibly KT is an abbreviation
of Katie?



— a big deaf surprise on a TV local news program

Patrick Nolan is a FOX local news program anchor at
Cape Coral, Florida. He was covering a news segment
on a local farmers’ market and saw a deaf kid standing
around. This newscaster then went down to talk
to the deaf kid. Suddenly something happened. This
deaf kid jumped at the newscaster, hugging him and
planting a kiss on the cheek! His parents said
the deaf kid is “good at hugs and kisses”





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