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DeafDigest – 19 June 2014

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, June 19, 2014


— a shocking attitude by Oregon State University football fan

On a web posting, there was a debate about captions on stadium
video scoreboards. A fan of the Oregon State University football
wrote “I find it hard to believe that there are enough hearing
impaired people at the games to need to have captions running
at the bottom of the scoreboard.” A rotten attitude? Yes!


— a busy deaf magician

Do deaf magicians earn a full time living? Yes, just a few;
most are doing magic as a hobby or on a part time basis.
One such deaf full time magican is Sam Sandler. Name of his
program is DEAFinitely Magic. He just came home after a tour
of 41 states and 330 shows. On his web site he said he is the
only deaf full time magician. This is not correct because we
have another one in Magic Morgan, who is from Wisconsin and
operates his own tour with his wife as his assistant.


— Netflix hires a person that mocked an interpreter

Chelsea Handler has been hired by the Netflix with a new
7-year contract for a new talk show. It begins this
fall. It is the same Netflix that refused to caption their
videos until the courts forced them to do so. And it is
the same Chelsea Handler that made fun of ASL interpreting
two years ago. Netflix plus Chelsea Handler! Too much for us?




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