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DeafDigest – 20 June 2014

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, June 20, 2014



— an unusual entertainment show

There is an entertainment show that is probably the
most unusual in the world. It is a deaf comedian working
together with a hearing comedian on the stage. The
audience loves it, and it is getting more popular. It
is in Japan. Sato Masashi, the deaf comedian, uses
gestures and facial expressions while performing with
hearing comedian Miyake Hisashi. This is the second
year this deaf-hearing comedy team have worked together.


— Do interpreters like their interpreting agencies?

Do interpreters like their interpreting agencies? This
is the question that the task force wants to know. This
task force represents the National Association of the Deaf
and the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf. This should
be important – because unhappy interpreters will make
deaf clients unhappy and vice versia.


— Lipreading the teacher that faces the blackboard!

Can we lipread the hearing teacher that talks to the
wall while writing something on the blackboard? Yes,
according to inventors from the NTID. They have
come up with two screen monitors that pick up teachers’
lips from behind us. Will this really work for us?
Lipreading is very difficult no matter if the teacher
is facing us or away from us!




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