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DeafDigest – 08 September 2014

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, September 8, 2014

— the most popular film is a deaf film

Going on right now is the Toronto International Film
Festival. Already there is one film that has become
the most popular one to watch during this festival.
It is a deaf film that has no dialogue, no subtitles
and no voiceovers and has a lot of sign language. It
was planned that way by the film director. People
watching this film said it is easy to follow the

— a surprise deaf job

We have had deaf individuals that wanted to become
paramedics but were not able to do so because of
discrimination against the deaf everywhere in the
world. Yet, it is surprising to find Richard Webb
Stevens, a deaf man, making a living as a paramedic
in Harrow, which is part of the Greater London
metro area! He recently gave a workshop on first
aid at a club for the deaf.

— a missed deadline because of a hearing aid

A business executive needed permission from his boss
to agree to an important deal with another company.
Deadline was coming up real soon. The boss, who was hard
of hearing, was on vacation with his wife. The hearing
aid broke down and he was not able to use the voice
cell phone to reach his business executive. He tried
to use his text pager but his wife would not allow it,
as she didn’t want their vacation to be interrupted.
As a result, the deal went dead because of this bad
hearing aid!



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