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DeafDigest – 16 September 2014

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, September 16, 2014

— a mistake by a native of Scotland

People of Scotland will vote Thursday for
independence or to stay with the Great Britain.
A native of Scotland made a big mistake. It was
Alexander Graham Bell! He invented the telephone,
hoping to help the deaf to hear. It didn’t but the
world was never the same.  Bell from Scotland?
He was born in Edinburgh but moved to Canada
as a young man and then shuttled back and forth
between USA and Canada for the rest of his life.


— a deaf woman with interesting skills

Tina Duresky, a deaf woman living in the Phoenix,
Arizona area, has two interesting skills. She is
a softball umpire, a basketball referee and also a
volleyball referee. With the police, she is a crime
lab technician, rushing to crime scenes to collect
fingerprints and other evidences. While this job
with the Avondale Police Department is volunteer,
she is hoping it will turn into a full time career.


— lone deaf person attending a hearing convention

A deaf person attended a hearing convention all by
himself. He didn’t know if there were deaf people
around. He went to the disability booth to sign up
for accommodations but was given a wheelchair pin;
there was no deafness pin. Just one interpreter
which was not always available for some workshops.
No one was around to guide him on first day chaos
and confusion. The videos were not captioned. It
was the same San Diego Comic Con week where a
disorganized zombie walk led to a frightened deaf
driver being attacked, forcing him to drive away,
hitting someone – which will lead to a number of




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