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DeafDigest – 17 September 2014

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, September 17, 2014

— advice from deaf participant of hearing conventions

The San Diego Comic-Con convention was not deaf friendly,
as mentioned in yesterday’s DeafDigest. A deaf business
man, experienced with many hearing conventions, has this
advice – plan in advance with convention workshops; if
the hosting organization receives federal funds, then
they must provide interpreters upon request; if it is
a private organization then you bring your interpreter
and pay for it. Also he said that he attends hobby club
and he pays for interpreters. Worth it? Yes, he says!

— a famous deaf actor is a sheriff

Incredible Hulk actor Lou Ferrigno is deaf. He is still
an actor, even though this famous TV series was canceled
in 1997. During his free time he is a reserve sheriff
in Los Angeles County and San Luis Obispo County. He
helps with Search and Rescue. He also does traffic
stops. Why is he so interested in law enforcement?
His father, who was a cop, told him deaf people cannot
become cops. It made him more determined to join the law
enforcement field.


— a hearing aid battery or a chewing gum?

People that wear hearing aids know about batteries
that die at the wrong time. What about a chewing gum?
Not a regular chewing gum but a special chewing gum!
Canadian engineers are working on an idea – that this
special chewing gum could be used to power up a battery
for the hearing aid. Chew on that special gum for 60
seconds and the battery life is continued. Will it
work? Maybe for strong jaws, not weak jaws.



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