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DeafDigest – 18 September 2014

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, September 18, 2014


— wristband communications

Do we need a wristband that says “deaf” or “hearing impaired”?
Well, the VFW Kelly Ingram Post668 in Alabama, is distributing
these wristbands to those that want this stuff. Some say
wristband is better than a pin or a shirt tag that says the
same thing. The wristband can be hidden and shown only to one
person instead of “telling the world.”



— a popular restaurant in China is deaf-owned, deaf-operated

A hot restaurant in the Shaanxi province of China is deaf-owned,
and 22 of 30 restaurant employees are deaf. Gao Cuiping, the
deaf owner, received money from hearing investor Zhang Pingsheng
to start the business. Why the investment? Zhang’s son is deaf
and he saw for himself how difficult it was for the deaf to
find jobs. The patrons have been satisfied with the food,
service and communications. Name of restaurant? Silent
Restaurant! Not a joke. You can see a picture of a deaf waitress
showing her communication tricks on her apron:



— duPont was desperate

A.I. duPont (1864-1935), of the famous duPont family involved
in manufacturing and developments (chemicals ,engineering,
science), was a desperate man. He traveled all over the world
for one reason – seeking a cure for his deafness!  He could
not get along with his several wives and with his family
reasons and was always involved with many lawsuits. Why
was he so difficult? Because he was deaf and could not
communicate easily with everyone.





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