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DeafDigest – 29 September 2014

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, September 29, 2014



— a Starbucks commercial

Starbucks is starting a new series of commercials.
One such commerical involves a deaf activity inside
a Starbucks store in Hawaii. It involves an isolated
deaf woman, discovering a deaf meeting place in
Starbucks and then making new deaf friends. Why is
this interesting – because a group of deaf people
filed a lawsuit, accusing Starbucks of discrimination!


— a $12.00 hearing aid

A shopper in North Carolina went to the Harbor Freight
Tools, a hardware store, to look for some stuff to buy.
He mentioned that the store sells $12.00 hearing aids!
True? DeafDigest does not believe it and thinks the
shopper confused a cheap listening device for a real
hearing aid! Hardware store dealers are not audiologists.

— T-Mobile customer service people block the deaf

A deaf person, with his T-Mobile, wanted to text the
customer service department. He wanted to add some
new features for his device. The response from T-Mobile
was this – we hope that you enjoy email and internet with
your T-Mobile phone. But when the deaf person tried to
discuss adding new features, the response was still the
same. Where is this happening? Not in USA, but in Great
Britain! A British deaf activist said T-Mobile has a
reputation for cutting off deaf people.




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