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DeafDigest – 30 September 2014

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, September 30, 2014


— don’t blink your eye

There was a Starbucks commercial on TV last night.
DeafDigest mentioned the commercial where a deaf
person in Hawaii would be featured in a Starbucks
scene. Well, blink your eye and you would miss
the whole thing. Very disappointing, but at least
Starbucks made it a point to include the deaf as
part of their many quick scenes.


— “Children of a Lesser God” comes back

The story “Children of a Lesser God” which made
Marlee Matlin and Phyllis Frelich famous is
coming back. It is now being part of the
upcoming Broadway plays next year. Who will
be in the cast and who will be the leading
female deaf character? Do not know just yet.

— a deaf bartender in a hearing bar

A friend, who is a former bartender, explained
to DeafDigest editor, about his old job in a
hearing bar. It was in a private members-only
club in a small town where everyone knew everyone.
The deaf bartender knew everyone’s favorite
drinks. Also a hearing friend always sat near
the deaf bartender, always helped if there were
communication problems with patrons.The small
bar was set up perfectly – three beer taps in
front, and ten upside down bottles in a rack
near the wall. A hearing person would point to
what he wanted. Why did the deaf bartender
leave his job? He found a better job at better



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