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DeafDigest – 05 November 2014

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, November 5, 2014


— a new deaf competitive event

We have competitions over the years for the best
Deaf Chili, Best Deaf Chef, Best Deaf Barbecue, Best
Deaf Poker Winner, etc. Now this – a new competitive
event – Best Deaf Barista. This coffee-making event
is taking place in India at the Centurion University.
Won’t be surprised if the Deaf Americans copy it as
a new American Deaf event.


— a rare thing in the Deaf Community

What is a rare thing in the Deaf Community? It is a
deaf husband with a deaf wife that both volunteer
as firefighters! Steve and Natalie Milligan, both
deaf, fight fires as members of the Plumpton Rural
Fire Brigade. Where is that fire department? It
is in Blacktown, not in USA, but in Australia.
Blacktown is not too far from Sydney, and this
department serves nearly 15 towns. This deaf couple
have been fighting fires for nearly 15 years. Their
hearing daughter, watching the parents fight fires,
wants to become a firefighter when she gets older.


— a hearing convention cancelled for a big reason

The Philadelphia Science Fiction Society was supposed
to host a convention, attracting these sci-fi fans.
Some of these fans are deaf and they have asked for
interpreters. The convention organizers, scared by
the high costs of interpreters, have cancelled
this event! Deaf sci-fi fans are not too happy about
it and have been thinking of filing a lawsuit!



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