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DeafDigest – 12 November 2014

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, November 12, 2014


— an unusual comedy team involving the deaf

A comedy team of two brothers do comedy performances at
some deaf events. This team is unusual. It is the Levi
and Clay Anderson comedy team. Levi is deaf; brother Clay
is not deaf. This team is unusual – because they are twins.
We have rarely, if ever, have heard of deaf and hearing
twins. They grew up in Milan, New Mexico and were the
only twins in town.


— the House must be made aware of internet relay crisis

Many deaf people do not use sign language. The video
relay is useless to them. They depend on internet relay.
Sprint is the only surviving internet relay provider.
We had as many as half dozen internet relay services just
a few years ago. Now it is just Sprint, and what is going
to happen if Sprint stops providing this service? We
are trying to make legislators aware of it. The legislative
assistant that deals with relay issues is Ray Baum. His
email address is Do not hesitate
to make your concerns known with him.

— a cruel irony with a big deaf honor

Every year, the Association of National Advertisers
gives out awards and honors for best ads. It is like
the Oscars given out to movie actors. Anyway, in
the Multicultural Excellence Awards category,
Duracell was honored for its “Trust Your Power”
ad that featured deaf Super Bowl football player
Derrick Coleman. The irony? A couple of weeks ago
he hurt himself in the pre-game warm ups and is
lost for the season. Yes, he will try again in 2015.




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