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DeafDigest – 18 November 2014

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, November 18, 2014


— a fishy story behind FCC-Purple internet relay mess?

Is something fishy going on with Purple dropping internet
relay, making deaf-blind and non-signing deaf very angry?
There are three hints – that FCC wanted to monitor internet
relay, that FCC only wanted to monitor these internet relay
fraud calls; and that that a call center in the Philippines
was handling Purple’s internet relay calls! Who is telling
the truth behind these FCC’s and Purple’s comments? When
fingers are pointed at each other, we all suffer.


— Munching on Doritos during the next Super Bowl

Many deaf football fans munch on Doritos while watching
the Super Bowl. Deaf Doritos munched by Deaf Football
fans? Well, Gary Herkimer, Phoenix, Arizona, who is deaf,
has produced a Deaf Doritos video that he hopes will
be aired during the Super Bowl! Doritos is staging the
“Crash the Super Bowl” contest, and so far his video has
reached the semi finals. Will the Deaf Doritos video win,
making our Doritos even more delicious? Hope so.


— A hot Deaf Issue in the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court has handled Deaf Cases. The latest such
case has involved a deaf man convicted of a crime. At the
time of the crime, he was never arrested nor advised of his
rights with the police. While he talked to the police and
signed a confession, the police claimed he knew what was
going on, whereas his attorney claimed he wasn’t aware
of anything. These are the issues that were argued
in the Supreme Court yesterday.



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