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DeafDigest – 25 November 2014

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, November 25, 2014

— a Deaf Sauce for deaf barbecue lovers

Do you love sauce with your meals? Do we have
a Deaf Sauce brewed by a deaf person? Yes.
Deaf Man’s Barbecue Sauce is being brewed and
sold by Rasool, Pasadena, California, who goes
by his single name. He is a former Gallaudet
basketball player years ago. How good is the
barbecue sauce? His ads say it was ranked #17
among world’s top 100 barbecue sauces. DeafDigest
editor, who loves sauces, is tempted to taste it!


— a deaf actress many of us never heard of

Patty Dwyer? Who is she? We would shrug our
shoulders. She is deaf and has been acting for
20 years in theater, television shows, movies,
and commercials. It is said she can either
play deaf roles or hearing roles with ease.
If you watched “The Christmas Dragon” or
the “The Man on Carrion Road” or the “Day
Zero” she was in it. Where is she from? Utah.


— deaf trapped behind  several locked doors!

A deaf man accompanied his deaf girl friend
who wanted to visit a family member that was
hospitalized in the Toronto ICU unit. The
hospital could only be entered through several
rooms of locked doors on two sides of the wall.
To open the locked door, one has to use the
wall phone. The deaf man kicked on the door
many times, until the hospital worker heard
the noise and opened the door. This was just
the first locked door with several more locked
doors to go through. He is not happy about
it and vented his anger on the Facebook.




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