DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, April 30, 2015

(this is an early edition; DeafDigest editor is
coming home from vacation today and wanted this
distribution out of the way)

— no more Rubella?

Many babies became deaf years ago because of rubella.
No more rubella? The last serious cases of rubella
took place in 1964-65. Several American and worldwide
health organizations said yesterday that this disease
is no longer a threat.

— the Deaf Math on Martha’s Vineyard

We have known about Martha’s Vineyard having so many
deaf people that everyone used sign language years ago.
But exactly how many people were born deaf? According
to a story, Martha’s Vineyard had one deaf birth
out of every 155 births. Outside of Martha’s Vineyard,
it was one deaf birth out of every 5,728 births!



— Starbucks hiring the deaf

Starbucks hiring the deaf to serve coffee for hearing
patrons? Do hearing patrons have patience dealing
with deaf baristas especially when the line is long
and sometimes outside the door? Well, Canary Wharf’s
Starbucks in Great Britain has hired two deaf
baristas – Manu Sulaiman and Christopher Foster.
Business at this Starbucks has been great.
Actually it was the deaf that helped the deaf. There
were so many deaf patrons at Starbucks, so the
decision to hire deaf baristas was easy!


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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, April 29, 2015

— a tale of a Deaf Hero and a Hearing Villain

Deaf Matt Hamill and Hearing Jon Jones. These two
ultimate fighters faced each other once few years ago.
Jones, the champion, beat up on Hamill but was
disqualified for an illegal hold. Fast forward now –
Hamill is praised as a hero for stopping and holding a
wrong way driver, a woman who was drunk and on drugs
with a child in the car. He waited for the cops to arrive.
Jones was stripped today of his UFC title because of hit
and run accident. Deaf Hero and a Hearing Villain.



— Sorenson given a new Wall Street rating

Moody’s, an important Wall Street rating service,
just gave Sorenson a new rating. Sort of good
news. Moody’s upgraded – just a notch – Sorenson’s
rating, and described the business as stable.
Instead of a Caa2-PD rating, it is now Caa1-PD.
It is sort of like improving a college grade from
2.0 to 2.1, still an improvement, but a long way to go!


— a Restaurant City gets a new Deaf Restaurant

A big attraction in Vancouver, BC is great restaurants,
some of which are the best in the world. And there
is a new deaf restaurant that will open up on May 7th.
The name of the eatery is Deafined. ASL waiters; ASL
chefs. According to a newspaper story, the dishes
are supposed to be delicious, but didn’t say which
fare it is – Italian, Seafood, Steaks or just
simple, comfort food.


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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, April 28, 2015

— a magazine says ADA hurts the deaf

The Economist is a worldwide magazine read by people in the
business, finance and economics fields. This magazine
ran an article that said ADA is helping the attorneys
get rich with these lawsuits, instead of helping the
deaf! It says more attorneys are interested in Disability
Law because it makes money for them.


— two deaf women are big winners

In Japan, the elections took place, and there were two
big winners – both deaf women. Rie Saito, a former
nightclub hostess, won the election for a seat in
the assembly of Kita Ward, Tokyo. The second one was
Atsuko Yanetani who won the seat on the city assembly
in Akashi, Hyogo Prefecture. Already the Japanese
Federation of the Deaf is celebrating this double


— the deaf in the insurance field

Gallaudet announced that the Maguire Foundation is
setting up the Maguire Academy of Risk Management
and Insurance Funds as a new major. It is supposed
to prepare the deaf for careers in the insurance
field. First time? No! We had our own insurance
company – the National Fraternal Society for the
Deaf (1901-2010). It was a million-dollar company
before it closed. And we had a deaf man in the
insurance field – Al Van Nevel.

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, April 27, 2015

— a deaf connection with Bruce Jenner

There is a deaf connection with Bruce Jenner.
Years ago Bruce, a former Olympics decathlon
gold medal winner, attended an event. He met
future wife Linda Thompson during that event.
They got married and had two sons. Deaf
connection? The event was a fund raising
celebrity tennis tournament hosted by the
John Tracy Clinic! They stayed married
for only 5 years, though.


— the Marriott hotel irony in Belgium

DeafDigest editor and his wife stayed at the
Marriott in Brussels, Belgium. A fire alarm went
off. DeafDigest editor didn’t know about it
until he was told about this false alarm. Hotel
room had no fire alerting signaler. ADA rules?
Only in USA! Marriott Irony? Stephen Marriott,
Jr, a former senior vice president with the
Marriott hotel chain, is deaf. Did he insist
that all Marriott hotels be outfitted with
deaf devices? Probably not.

for a picture of people standing outside during the fire alarm:



— lucky to bump into a deaf group at train terminal

DeafDigest editor and his wife arrived at the train
station in Brussels, Belgium. There was no tourist
information center to help the confused tourists.
Luckily there was a group of deaf people – obviously
they were meeting at the station for a group trip
somewhere. DeafDigest editor asked the group for
directions to the hotel – just a five minute walk
away. If not for the deaf group, probably an
unneccessary cab fare! Their sign language
same as our ASL? No – but gestures and common
sense helped.

A picture of some of the deaf Belgians:




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