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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, May 29, 2015


— angry about deaf relay call hang ups by the hearing

We hate it when we use a relay service only to be hung up.
The Civil Rights Education and Enforcement Center is planning
to do something about it.

Their press release is at:



— Sports Illustrated honors a Gallaudet athlete

Elena Ciccarelli, a recent graduate of Gallaudet University played
three sports for four seasons (soccer, basketball and softball).
She is the only Gallaudet athlete with this such 3-sport, 4-season
feat. She is being featured in this week’s Sports Illustrated
Faces in the Crowd.



— District of Columbia Cartoon/Animation headquarters at Gallaudet

Pigmental Studios, which develops cartoons and animation for film,
television, gaming, commercials and the web, will be setting up
its headquarters on the Gallaudet campus! It was made possible by
agreement with DC government, Pigmental officials and Gallaudet.
This studio is expected to employ 20 to 40 local people, hopefully
some of them deaf. Gallaudet was selected over several other cities
that wanted the studio! Where on the Gallaudet campus – same corner
spot where Stevens Chevrolet dealership was located (and which
had a deaf auto salesman!)

just take a look at:



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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, May 29, 2015 morning

— we have a new deaf rapper

Lal Daggy is a new rapper who is deaf. A story today said
he is quickly rising in the music industry. His performance
is unusual in that he does not use his voice. Instead he
uses face, hands, arms and body while synching with the
background music. The audience fell in love with his
performances. Not much is known of him, though, except
that he is 24 years old.

— deaf drivers with Uber

Uber has deaf drivers. This company has developed
a new app to help deaf drivers navigate the roads,
pick up and drop off passengers. It was the deaf
drivers that told Uber what they wanted in the new
app – and Uber listened to them. But is there
an irony – Uber has been accused of discriminating
against disabled passengers. There are several
law suits for that reason!

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, May 28, 2015

— a blog that misses the needs of the deaf

There is a blog that DeafDigest editor found out today – – it covers restaurants in
New York City that is disabled-friendly or disabled-
unfriendly? Deaf? This blog addresses the needs of
hard of hearing, but makes no mention of the deaf!
Contact was made with the blog editor. His response
was this –

My goal is to learn more about other disabilities
so I can include those things in my reviews.



— a deaf leader loses his home in the terrible Texas flood

Ed Bosson, the nation’s #1 advocate of Video Relay
Service, lost his home in the Blanco River flood in
Texas. The family was rescued by the firemen, but
the house was lost. Friends are now trying to raise
funds to replace the lost house.

— waking up to the smell of coffee

many of us wake up to the smell of the coffee,
coming from the kitchen. Is this the “alarm clock”
that we use? Well, a French company is making
alarm clocks that will wake up the deaf to the
smell of – not just coffee, but espresso, hot
croissant, sweet peach, strawberry candy, ginger
and pepper mint. Your choice – or the good
old fashioned bed vibrator or bed flasher!



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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, May 28, 2015 morning

— deaf voters in Canada are worried

The deaf voters in Canada are worried. There is
a possibility that televised political debatesĀ 
may not be captioned. The national elections
are coming up soon. Why? Reasons are vague!

— deaf users of iPhone must be careful

Many deaf people use iPhone. They must be careful.
It can crash if a deaf friend accidentally sends
text to another deaf friend with these strange
and crazy keyboard characters such as !@#$%^&, etc.
It is the same problem with hearing users of
the iPhone.


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