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DeafDigest – 03 March 2015

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, March 3, 2015

— a choice hearing people don’t want to face

What is a choice a hearing person don’t want to face?
There was a story about a child either becoming
deaf or dead! A child, suffering from a genetic
disease, can be healed but at the cost of becoming
deaf. An ugly choice? Yes, years ago there was an
outstanding hearing athlete who faced the same
thing. He chose to become deaf rather than to die.
He enrolled at Gallaudet and excelled in Gallaudet
sports and then had a long career serving the
Deaf Community before he passed away some years ago.

— a deaf whose speech better than hearing?

Is there a deaf person whose speech is much better
than hearing people? DeafDigest does not think
so. There was a movie made in 1968 – Psych-Out.
It is now being shown on Blu-ray. It features
a deaf character whose speech is better than
most of the hearing people she hangs out with!
In real life, it is not possible – because
even those with great speech would show their
deafness in their voices.

— no deaf assistance with subway problems

Do take a look at the picture:

Will the panicky hearing people, trapped in
the subway, help the deaf? Good question!




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