DeafDigest Gold – January 31, 2016

DeafDigest Gold – January 31, 2016

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[pb_vidembed title=”” caption=”” url=”[pb_vidembed title=”mcdonalds and deaf” caption=”” url=”″ type=”mov” w=”480″ h=”385″]Do enjoy watching this text video

Does McDonald’s hate the deaf? DeafDigest editor
does not think so.
But there have been bad newspaper stories in
recent weeks about McDonald’s refusing to serve
the deaf; refusing to hire the deaf; kicking the
deaf out of the restaurant, etc?
Maybe McDonald’s should hire a Deaf Representative
to work with the Deaf Community!


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You have an appointment and see the receptionist.
The receptionist says fine, and asks you to sit
in the waiting room. She will call you when
your name comes up.
The waiting room looks different. You cannot
see the receptionist from the back area of the
waiting room. You can see her from the front area.
The front area is full. the back area is
You are forced to stand up for a long time
in the front area to make sure receptionist does
not overlook you!


DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, January 29, 2016

— smoking on the NTID campus

Some NTID students are smoking on the NTID campus!
It is not what you may think. E-smoking good or bad?
Well, these selected students are asked to decide which
flavor is best for e-smoking. What is going on? NTID
is part of a group that won a $329,000 grant from the
National Institutes of Health to study the safety of
e-cigs with flavorings. OK, but why these deaf students?
Said a NTID spokesperson:

Our students are interested in conducting research on this,
since many young people are using e-cigarettes. They are
researchers who happen to be deaf.

a picture is at:


— a “fishy” lost deaf woman story

This Geeta India-Pakistan tale never ends. Deaf Geeta
claimed to accidentally crossed the border from
India to Pakistan, and then being held for years
against her will. She was returned to India,
yet she has not been able to identify her
birth parents and her natural family despite
looking over hundreds of would-be families.
And now this – Pakistan is demanding that
India send back Geeta, saying she is a natural
born Pakistan citizen, and not a citizen of
India as she claimed to be. Next chapter!

— a strong reason for Certifed Deaf Interpeting

Certified Deaf Interpreting is a new field, only
having surfaced in the past 15-20 years. There
was a story of a deaf man whose conviction was
overturned by the court of appeals by a state.
The judges said that he could not understand,
or appropriately respond to the interpreting
of the police detective’s five-hour intensive
questioning. A certified deaf interpreter may
have likely helped this case.



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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, January 28, 2016

— a role as a hunter for a deaf actress

In the latest “Into The Mystic” TV episode,
veteran deaf actress Shoshonnah Stern has been
featured as a hunter. A TV critic said she did
a great job acting in that episode. Her picture
is at:

— a new role for a baseball cap

If we see many deaf people wear baseball caps
in the future, it may have nothing to do with
this sport! A team of hearing aid specialists
from a university in Chennai (India) has
come up with a special cap. It holds a hidden
hearing aid! A sponge inside the cap functions
as a hearing aid. Not exactly sure how this works,
though. They are saying it is for people that
are ashamed to show their hearing aids in public!


— a reason for hated hearing man to avoid sign language

Deaf activists hate Alexander Graham Bell because
of his anti-sign language, pro-oralism views. But
was there a reason for Bell not liking sign
language? He was a dyslexic. People with dyslexia
have problems reading. They are forced to use
“tricks” to allow them to read in a different way.
Maybe sign language scared him off because of
his problems reading in a normal way? His
telephone invention led to the TTY years later.



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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, January 27, 2016

— Nyle DiMarco was not Tyra Banks’ first deaf model

It may be a surprise to many of us, but Nyle DiMarco
was not Tyra Banks’ first deaf model! This honor
belongs to Floyd McClain, Jr, of Southern California.
He modeled in 2008 and came as runner ups. He was
the reason why Tyra changed her mind. She wanted
all of her models to be females but after seeing
him, she quickly changed her mind!

Floyd’s picture and brief explanation is at:



— captions on airplanes, really

There was an announcement that video provider Gogo Vision
has agreed to provide captions on airplane trips. Really?
Gogo Vision has agreed to complete its captioning project
within 18 months from now (meaning target date is August
2017). And these captions are for flights between
American cities. On overseas flights, good question,
and not best news for deaf passengers that travel
to foreign cities!

— 20 years to complete ADA plan

Does it take 20 years to complete a ADA plan? The
Chicago Transit Authority said it would take 20
years to make its rail system 100 percent
ADA-compliant. This is not good news for the
disabled (accessibility ramps) and for the
deaf (captions on displays and on emergency
announcements). 20 years means a lifetime!



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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, January 26, 2016

— discovering lost Deaf Films

Deaf people took movies of deaf events many years ago.
These films had been “lost” until just now. These
films have been restored and shown at a big Deaf
Movie event in Great Britain. Four pictures at:

— vibrating sailboats

Do sailboats vibrate to help the deaf? Not really,
but there was one sailboat – named Tenacius.
It just went through the Panama Canal with
a deaf and disabled crew. In the cabins where
the deaf sleep, the pads on the floor
vibrate to alert them. We have few deaf
that are sailboat instructors, but do they
have vibrating sailboats? Doubt it!


— not deaf and can’t hear

In an interview yesterday, a hearing person,
talking about a deaf person, said “she is not
deaf; she just can’t hear.” This is a strange
comment – a deaf person cannot hear.

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, January 25, 2016

— a movie theater refuses to show open captions

The Westgarth Cinemas has refused to open caption their
movies. The Deaf Community is very angry about it.
A story about the theater’s refusal was written
up in a local newspaper. The theater has made available
their individual captioning devices, but the deaf patrons
said either the device is defective or is not available
upon demand! The theater is in Australia.A picture is at:


— school for the deaf open in freezing weather

It is freezing right now in Hong Kong. The local
government has ordered all schools to close until
the weather gets better. Yet, for some reason,
the school for the deaf was ordered to stay open!
Why? No reason was given.


— a complaint by the blind

The blind people have a complaint. When they go to
the movies, they are given portable captioning
devices! It is not funny. It is the same as the
deaf going to a restaurant and being given
Braille menus.

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