DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, February 29, 2016

— can’t serve in USA; can serve in Israel

Deaf cannot serve in the military in USA;
in Israel, Shira Kochavi, a young deaf woman,
has become the second lieutenant in the Combat
Intelligence Collection Corps. She said
“The army is a career for me.” Israel
would not allow her to serve in the
military but she fought back and was
able to enlist. Her picture is at:



— Nyle again

Deaf model Nyle DiMarco, the final winner of the
now-closed America’s Next Top Model TV program,
is at it again. He has been selected to be one
of the dancers at the “Dancing With the Stars”
TV program. He, however, is not the first deaf
dancer on that program – this honor belongs to
Marlee Matlin few years ago.


— a Jughead update

DeafDigest has mentioned several times that
the world-famous Archie comics is evolving
into a new TV series. And that Jughead,
Archie’s ex Best Friend and now Arch-enemy
is deaf. There were big hopes that a deaf
actor would play the deaf Jughead role.
It was not to be. A hearing actor has
been selected to play the Deaf Jughead
role. A big time disappointment!


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