DeafDigest Gold – April 24, 2016

DeafDigest Gold – April 24, 2016

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, April 22, 2016

— Uber settles on lawsuits

What is worrisome for our deaf Uber drivers was
that Uber reached settlement on lawsuits in California
and Massachusetts. The issue was – are drivers
considered employees or contractors? The agreement
is that all Uber drivers are contractors – meaning
no employee benefits (health insurance, annual
leave, annual raises, etc). This is the same as
deaf drivers delivering pizzas for big pizza chains.
It is never good news when deaf people work for no
benefits. A picture is at:


— our deaf attorneys

How many deaf attorneys do we have. It was always thought
we had approximately 150-175, but latest count showed
it to be approximately 250. Do keep in mind very few,
if any of them, maintain their own private practices.
And many of them do not use ASL. What this means is
that ASL deaf, needing legal assistance, may be
stuck with hearing attorneys, of course, with
interpreters! There are few hearing attorneys,
though, fluent in ASL.


— must avoid certain deaf people

There is a group of deaf people that must be
avoided at all times. They are scammers,
promising great financial rewards if you
invest your money with them. It has happened
too many times in the past – and it is
still continuing – as a story came up in
today’s newspapers about a deaf man
cheating deaf people of about $500,000.
Police in Los Angeles are still working
on this case. This is so sad.


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