DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, August 26, 2016


— world’s most dangerous city to drive a cab

Are there licensed deaf cab drivers in New York
City? We are not talking about deaf Lyfft
and Uber drivers but of real cab drivers.
ThereĀ is one that is deaf – Yuriy Grinman.
To help with his work, he uses taxi-hailing
app for customers to pick their destinations.
He said – “I see the noise of New York – but
I don’t have to hear it”. His picture is at:


— high speed testing of deaf

Newly born babies now routinely go through hearing
tests. How long does a hearing test take? Just
12 seconds according to a testing center in


— Marlee teaches deaf how to deal with police

There have been too many ugly deaf-police
incidents. The American Civil Liberties Union
has contracted with Marlee Matlin to produce
a video on how should a deaf person deal with
the police. This is important during traffic
stops and arrests. What does Marlee know about
the police? Her husband is a police officer!



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— world’s best percussionist

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, August 25, 2016


— Starbucks’ best barista is deaf

Starbucks has been hiring more deaf people as
baristas, preparing coffees and cold refreshment
drinks for demanding customers. Who is the
best Deaf Barista? It is Banny M.H. Choi, a
deaf Korean woman. She won a Starbucks
Barista contest, beating out other competing
baristas. A picture of her is at:


— deaf jobs survey accurate or false

There was a survey that said 25 percent of
employed deaf people quit their jobs because
of discrimination. This survey took place
in Great Britain. This survey accurate or
false? Many people quit their jobs because
of abusive bosses, no matter if these
employees are deaf or hearing. Very often
a deaf person does not realize that his
abusive boss is also abusive to hearing
employees! This is why DeafDigest does not
trust the survey results.


— thrown out for wearing a hearing aid

A deaf girl, a member of her school 6th grade
basketball team in Kentucky, was thrown out of
the game. The referee would not allow her to
play while wearing a hearing aid! Her angry
mother personally confronted the referee.
After reviewing the rules, the referee allowed
her back in the game! The conference then
sent a notice to all referees and participating
schools that hearing aids are allowed.


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— ASL, easier way to learn

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, August 24, 2016

— a deaf speed artist

We know about speed chess, where chess players
make their moves within seconds, instead of
deciding a long time before making next moves.
Speed artist? Well, Victor Sitali, who is deaf
and from Zambia, is a speed artist. He was seen
completing a portrait in just seven minutes.
As a matter of comparison, deaf portrait artist
William Sparks took months to complete a
portrait of past NAD executive director
Frederick C. Schreiber that was hung at
NAD headquarters. A picture is at:


— a different interpreter training program

There is a serious shortage of interpreters
in USA. One state is coming up with a different
approach to training new interpreters. These
interpreting students are prisoners in Louisiana!
They become friends with deaf inmates, learn
some ASL from them, and then sign up for
interpreter training program (inside the
prison walls)! First they do practice
interpreting for deaf inmates and then they
hopefully will get intepreting jobs when they
get out of prison.


— a big rancher in Texas was a deaf man

Texas, a big state, has many big ranches – thousands
of acres. One of these big ranches was started by
a deaf man – Burnell Butler. He moved his family
from Mississippi to South Texas around 1850 to set
up a ranching business. This ranch survived hard
times and continued to exist right up to the
late 1930’s. This seems to be the first story
of a deaf big rancher that DeafDigest has ever heard of.


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— deaf street performer

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