DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, August 26, 2016


— world’s most dangerous city to drive a cab

Are there licensed deaf cab drivers in New York
City? We are not talking about deaf Lyfft
and Uber drivers but of real cab drivers.
There┬áis one that is deaf – Yuriy Grinman.
To help with his work, he uses taxi-hailing
app for customers to pick their destinations.
He said – “I see the noise of New York – but
I don’t have to hear it”. His picture is at:


— high speed testing of deaf

Newly born babies now routinely go through hearing
tests. How long does a hearing test take? Just
12 seconds according to a testing center in


— Marlee teaches deaf how to deal with police

There have been too many ugly deaf-police
incidents. The American Civil Liberties Union
has contracted with Marlee Matlin to produce
a video on how should a deaf person deal with
the police. This is important during traffic
stops and arrests. What does Marlee know about
the police? Her husband is a police officer!



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