DeafDigest Gold – September 25, 2016

DeafDigest Gold – September 25, 2016

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, September 23, 2016

— Deaf Chef in the nation’s restaurant hotbed

According to Andrew Zimmern, the famous food host
with Bizarre Foods, the Twin Cities area is
a hot area to try new and different meals. And
we do have a deaf chef in the Twin Cities area
(Minneapolis/St Paul). It is Kendall Kail
who operates his own Ward 6 retaurant
in St. Paul. He worked as chef at different
restaurants for years until he landed his
job at the Ward 6 restaurant. See the picture at:


— Uber again

Where do the Deaf Community stand with Uber? This
company says they want to hire more deaf drivers.
Yet, it is confusing to follow Uber.

1. Uber encouraging more deaf drivers to sign up
2. Uber pushing for self-driving cars
3. Quebec tells Uber they cannot use deaf drivers

$. And today, Uber has announced a partnership with
Canadian Hearing Society to hire more deaf drivers
across Canada.

What is next with Uber? Good news or bad news?


— Comcast joins a Deaf Club

Comcast joining a Deaf Club? Well, it was just
learned that the Comcast CEO has a deaf daughter.
As a result, the CEO has given $25 million
to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.
That hospital works with CI children.

Let us look at past “members” of the Deaf Club:

1. Past CEO of a national restaurant chain.
His son is deaf, and he was supportive of
men’s basketball at Gallaudet, as the son
played this sport. When he graduated,
the CEO no longer supported Gallaudet.

2. Past officer of a big Washington, DC
supermarket chain. He has donated a lot
of money to local deaf clubs and deaf
agencies. Not any more, since the father
retired and the son grew up.

3. Big movie star. His son was deaf. He
had nothing to do with the son, but the
wife helped establish an oral school
for the deaf.

So, everytime we see a CEO or a VIP
with a deaf child, it is always interesting
to see what they would do to help (or not)
the deaf!


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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, September 22, 2016

— Quebec says no to deaf Uber drivers

Right now, Quebec has about 40 deaf Uber drivers.
Uber reached agreement with the province to require
all Uber drivers to get taxi licenses. The province
does not allow the deaf to get these licenses.
Either these deaf Uber drivers will lose their jobs
or there is some kind of compromise that would allow
the deaf to continue driving Uber cars? A picture
is at:



— the deaf and the violence in voting

Deaf voters are worried. They want to vote
but are afraid of possible violence at
polling places! Violence between supporters
of Clinton and supporters of Trump? No!
It is happening in Ghana, where pressure
to vote for favorite candidates may lead
to violence. The Ghana National Association
of the Deaf has made a public appeal to
leave deaf voters alone, and to let them
vote in peace.


— two-year paternity leave

In India, there is a new policy for government
employees, allowing them a paternity leave
for two years. This is for parents of
deaf (and disabled) children that need
extra attention at home. Sorry, ain’t
happening in USA!


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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, September 21, 2016


— Hearing developer kicks out a deaf business

Just only few months ago, a Deaf Cafe opened up
for business in Cape Town, South Africa.
Everyone was thrilled about a group of deaf
people operating their own business. The
joy is shortlived. The building where the
Deaf Cafe is located has been sold. And
the new developer plans to demolish the
building at the end of this year. He wants
to replace it with a modern new building.
In the meantime, the deaf group is looking
around for a new site – not that easy. A
picture is at:


— Deaf EMT to the rescue of a deaf accident victim

It was mentioned a short time ago that Nechama Lobel,
who is deaf, has become Israel’s first deaf EMT.
A deaf woman was hurt in a bicycle accident.
The regular EMT crew had a hard time communicating
with her, so asked the deaf EMT to come over
to help. She came over and calmed down the injured
woman, while explaining to the crew parts of
her body that was hurting her.


— the deaf and the VR

Some VR agencies do a great job. But many don’t –
for many reasons – lack of counselors, politics,
high turnover, poor job placement rates, and
poorly spent funds. There are federal laws
that entitle the deaf to VR services, but
these laws are not followed in some states.
Take Maryland as an example; the waiting list
is 18 months! This is the reason why some
deaf students move to states that provide
better VR services. This is a scandal that
not too many people know about.


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