DeafDigest Gold – December 25, 2016

DeafDigest Gold – December 25, 2016

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, December 23, 2016

— trying to revive a dead sign language

Deaf historians know about deaf sign
language used for generations by the
deaf and the hearing at Martha’s Vineyard
in Massachusetts. The sign language used
was not ASL, and this language became
extinct when the last person died in 1950.
There is an effort led by two long-time
residents to revive it. Currently there
are weekly sign language classes at
a local library. A picture is at:


— reason an employer didn’t hire a deaf applicant

A deaf software developer said
her employer refused to hire her. She argued
and won, and got hired for her current job.
During the interview she explained that she
has access to a relay service to communicate
with contractors and fellow employees. This
“killed” the interview and the employer
wouldn’t hire her. The employer was afraid
that confidential information discussed during
the relay call would violate the privacy issues.
She did not file ADA lawsuit, instead, not
giving up and gave strong points about the
relay service. The company changed its
mind and hired her!


— Virginia auto dealership cheating the deaf

A deaf man went out and bought a new pickup truck.
The truck cost $45,000. That should be it, but
instead the dealership told him he had to buy a
$6,300 vehicle protection plan and a $3,000
service contract. They told him he had to
sign papers even though he really did
not understand what it was all about.
The family member was upset, feeling he was
cheated. The dealership was confronted,
and rather than to get into a lawsuit,
cancelled the contract and refunded in
full his down payment.


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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, December 22, 2016


— cannot find a job so became an owner

Nguyen Thai Thanh could not find a job as a
hairstylist in Vietnam despite his training.
Hair salon owners thought deaf people cannot
become hairstylists. Not giving up, he
opened his own hair styling salon – and
all of his hairstylists are deaf.
Communiations with picky customers?
One regular customer said:

I write down my ideas on what I want my hair
to look like, and Thành offers advice on
styling, and I always like the haircut
he gives me

A picture is at:


— a sick rapid transit announcement

In Glasgow (Scotland) a rapid transit
conductor made this announcement:

Could passengers please help deaf
passengers move towards the front of
the train?

If a deaf person rides the train
alone without a hearing aid or a CI,
then how would hearing passengers
know he is deaf? Being deaf is also
being invisible!


— diversity is a fake

Is diversity a fake? An advocate said
that many companies hire the deaf
just to show the world that deaf
people can be employed. But these
companies pay deaf low wages and
do not give deaf the promotions
that are given to hearing employees!


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