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DeafDigest – 26 October 2016

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, October 26, 2016

— inventor thinks new invention will help the deaf

We have many Deaf Devices. Do we need another one?
An inventor has come up with a device that may
help the deaf, while they drive their cars.
A picture is at:


— unusual location for a sign language workshop

We find sign language workshops at bookstores,
at libraries, at classrooms, even at Starbucks.
One location of a recent sign language workshop
is unusual. It took place at an ice cream shop
in Wilmington, NC! Not sure if it is easy learning
signs with an ice cream cone in one hand?


— easier to train: deaf dogs or hearing dogs

There are some dogs that are deaf. Are these
dogs more difficult to train than a hearing
dog? A dog trainer in Michigan said – deaf
dogs are no harder or no easier than hearing
dogs. The difference is that hearing dogs
are trained by voice. Deaf dogs are
trained by following the hand signals.


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— ADA regulations are not enforced

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