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DeafDigest – 27 October 2016

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, October 27, 2016

— deaf of one nation ignored

The governments of South Korea and North Korea
both hate each other. Do the deaf of both
nations hate each other? Don’t know – but
deaf groups of two nations met up with
each other in a special friendship event.
It wasn’t South Korea, as the deaf of Japan
visited the the deaf of North Korea for
five days recently. Helping arrange the
visit was the World Federation of the Deaf.
In the picture, one thing was interesting.
See the picture at:


— “SSDI” in Canada turned down

A mother of a deaf child applied for disability
benefit in Canada (same as our SSDI) but
the government turned it down. How old is
the deaf child? Two years old! The mother,
however, won’t give up and has filed a
formal appeal.


— a deaf refugee in Calais

In Calais, there is a deaf child. His interpreter
is his adult brother. The United Kingdom does
not know what to do about it. If the deaf child
is allowed to join the rest of his family in
the United Kingdom, the hearing brother
(interpreter) will not be allowed to come,
and must stay in France. This may mean that
the deaf child has no one to interpret for
him and may be on his own.



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