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DeafDigest – 28 October 2016

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition, October 28, 2016


— EMTs without interpreters

When deaf victims are in life-threatening situations,
a matter of seconds, then EMTs cannot wait for
interpreters to arrive. See the picture at:


— deaf job helping disabled job

A hearing man operated a successful one-man business,
selling and delivering supplies. He got into an
accident and lost his leg. Unable to get around that
easily with his customers, his business suffered.
The business prospered again after he hired a deaf
man to make deliveries for him! It can only happen
in Mumbai, India where oppression of the deaf and
the disabled is pretty much bad. The deaf man was
unemployed all his life until getting that job!


— bicyclists faking deafness

In Florida, it is possible that some bicyclists
are faking deafness! Florida law permits no
headphones or headset or other listening
devices. Only exception is hearing aids.
So, possibly some of these bicyclists
“wear” hearing aids that are actually
musical devices!


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