DeafDigest Blue – August 27, 2017

DeafDigest Blue – August 27, 2017
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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – August 25, 2017


— the deaf in the military

An important reason why the American military forces
do not want deaf people in combat is because they
cannot hear commands in fighting situations. This
is what one military magazine pointed out in an
article. A picture is at:


— a new phrase to describe training the deaf for cafe jobs

There has been an increase in the number of deaf-run,
deaf-operated cafes in Europe and Asia. An activist
said it is called “social enterprise.”


— research in vision systems

There are approximately 20 research groups that
work on vision systems for the blind. While
it did not specifically mention the deaf-blind,
one research group has come up with special
goggles. It captures images and is transmitted
to the goggles. These images are magnified,
allowing the deaf-blind to see things.
It is still in the experimental stage.



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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – August 24, 2017


— a long forgotten movie about an evil deaf man

We see many movies about real-deaf characters as
well as with fake-deaf characters. But it is always
that the deaf character is a good person, and
not as an evil person. Well, Valli, a movie
made in 1999 in India portrayed Deva, as this
evil deaf character (played by a fake-deaf actor).
Deva, the evil deaf man, was an owner of a big
corporation, but involved in an ugly family
feud. Come to think of it, we also do not
see deaf characters playing roles as rich
businessmen! A picture is at:


— a white lie during an interview

a deaf person was interviewed for a job at a Fortune
500 company. During the intervew she told the
interviewer that she has trouble hearing (not
really telling them she was deaf). She got
hired and to this day, she is still with the
company. Would it make a difference if she
told the company that she is deaf, instead
of saying she had trouble hearing (as in
hard of hearing)? Hard to say.


— Jerry Lewis and the deaf

Jerry Lewis raised a lot of money on behalf
of muscular dystrophy. Critics are saying that
he did not respect people with other different
disabilities, calling them “poster children.”
In other words, has he done much for the deaf?
Yes only in that it was easy for deaf to follow
his slapstick movie comedies – but nothing else!



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