DeafDigest Blue – November 26, 2017

DeafDigest Blue – November 26, 2017

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – November 24, 2017

— deaf driving a self-driving car

Could a deaf person drive a self-driving car?
This was a big issue discussed among automobile
designers, auto manufacturing oompanies and
of course, the federal regulators. A deaf
advocate showed concern whether a deaf driver could
tell a self-driving car what to do. A picture
is at:


— deaf role as ex-FBI agent

Deaf character Jocelyn Turner, who plays the role as a
former FBI agent, will be part of the cast with the
Quantico, Season III series. That character is
being played by Marlee Matlin, who previously
played the role as District Attorney in one of these
past TV series. Typecast, she certainly is not!


— immigration blocks deaf girlfriend from visiting deaf boyfriend

A deaf girlfriend flew to another nation to visit her
deaf boyfriend. The airport immigration people
would not allow her entry into the nation, saying
she oouldn’t understand their questions (without
interpreters around). There was a rule that if
people detained are deaf, the airport people must
get interpreters, but they didn’t. She was sent
back to her naton. As a result, the couple has
filed a lawsuit, saying intepreting procedures
weren’t followed.



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