DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – February 23, 2018

— a vow to honor deaf brother

Rapper Jeffrey Williams has a deaf brother.
To honor his deaf brother, the rapper said
he will not rap new songs for one year. He
made this comment:

I want to act deaf for a year

He will resume rapping in 2019.

A picture is at:


— hating movie captioning devices

Why do deaf people hate movie captioning devices?
A web posting mentioned the following reasons –
some devices cannot be electrically charged;
some devices cannot link to the movie;
certain words are removed from the captions;
movie houses do not refund if captioning
devices break down.


— shame in India; expensive diamonds, cheap deaf labor

Diamonds are expensive. Rajiv Gems Park, a diamond
mining company in India, hires many deaf employees.
They are hired because of cheap labor, thinking
the deaf cannot fight back. Well, the India
Enforcement Directorate is investigating the
way the company cheats the deaf workers.



Deaf jobs – latest update – Gallaudet athletic director position

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— sand artist

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