DeafDigest Blue – May 27, 2018

DeafDigest Blue – May 27, 2018
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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – May 25, 2018


— Deaf Cake Boss to challenge Cake Boss

Cake Boss is a famous reality TV cable program about
a bakery in New Jersey, making any and all kinds of
cakes. What about a Deaf Cake Boss? There is one
in Miami, Florida – Mayra Cakes, a deaf wife-deaf
husband bakery team. Mayra bakes the cakes,
and Jason does all the design work on these
cakes. They have just opened up up their
own bakery and hiring the deaf. Mayre’s
shirt says “Queen of Cakes.” Very possibly
they are the #1 Deaf Cakemaker in USA.

A picture is at:


— 2018 so far a great year for Marlee

Marlee Matlin may not be compared with actresses
her age. Many talented actresses have hard time
finding roles – because of age discrimination.
This is a sad fact of life in Hollywood! But
Marlee? So far this year through first five
months, she already had three roles –
ABC’s Quantico, Syfy’s The Magicians
and now this Sundance Now’s This Close.

Said Marlee:
three very, very different roles, and I’m
very excited about the fact that there’s
opportunity to play different characters
on different outlets

And 2018 has seven months to go, so how
many more great roles for her this year?


— a worry about medicaid and the deaf

A deaf leader said:
People who need it, they could get pushed out of
the program

This refers to deaf people on SSDI, which is part
of the confusing medicaid rules. These rules
got more confusing because of the White House
insistence that those that can work but are
getting benefits, should rejoin the labor
force. But every state has their own medicaid
(SSDI) rules!



Deaf jobs – latest update

Barry’s collections of past articles (with today’s update)
— law clinic being cancelled

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