DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – September 28, 2018


— El Paso sports bar says no to football captions

A deaf man, with his hearing friends, wanted to watch a
football game on TV at the Ojos Locos sports bar
in El Paso, Texas. He asked that the captions be turned
on and the bar refused. He asked to speak with the manager
but was told the manager was too “busy.” He then posted
this bad experience on the El Paso Deaf Community Facebook
page. It went viral. A local TV station contacted Ojos
Locos, and the owner apologized, and said his service
team will be retrained never to say no to these
captioning requests in the future.


— Some deaf people say International Week of the Deaf is a joke

Some deaf people say International Week of the Deaf is a joke.
Reasons are – continuing discrimination against the deaf;
difficulty of many deaf people in getting jobs; difficulty
in getting interpreters, no TV and movie captions, etc.
This comment was printed in a newspaper in an overseas


— a true story about wrong person being hired

This is a true story. A late-deafened man with
speaking skills still perfect, applied for a job
as a principal at a deaf school. It happened in the
early 1960’s (no TTY, no relay, no email, etc).
The superintendent spoke with the deaf man,
not realizing it was a 3-way telephone conversation,
and decided to hire the deaf man on the spot,
thinking he was hearing. On first day on the job,
the superintendent only found out the new principal
was actually deaf. He stayed on the job for about
7 years before moving on. Deaf as the wrong person?
No, but the superintendent thought that deaf man
wasn’t qualified.



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— deaf president of state dental association

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – September 27, 2018

— advice from owner of a movie theater

A small town movie theater owner gave this
advice – do not wait until the last minute
to request captioning devices. He was talking
about requests made just a few minutes before
the filming was to begin. He suggested that
requests be made at least 20 minutes in
advance – in order to make sure everything
works with these devices.


— 3-times a year vs 3-times per weekend

DeafDigest editor bumped into an acquaintance
yesterday. He grew up in low-population, but
big state. He compared the deaf social life
in a low-population state with a high population
city. In a low-population state, deaf events
take place three times per year. In a high
population area, deaf events take place three
times per weekend. Some deaf people crave quiet
life with big countryside mountains. Some
deaf people crave a lot of social events.


— many apartment landlords unaware of deaf rights

For some reason, many apartment landlords do not
realize nor understand that the deaf have rights
to interpreters. These landlords would say that it
is OK for them to have interpreters but that they
would have to pay for the sign language services.
This is one big reason the federal government has
been filing many landlord lawsuits.



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— big comic book mystery

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – September 26, 2018


— Finland, Iceland & Denmark best nations for the deaf?

Are deaf people better off living in either Finland or Iceland
or Denmark? Hard to say, but these three nations ranked
top 3 in quality of life with respect for the deaf and the
disabled between the years of 1990 and 2016. Says who?
Says the research team at University of Washington.
What about USA? It fell from 6th best in 1990 to 27th
best in 2016. This survey, however, did not mention
our ADA, the most powerful disability set of laws
in the world. So, is DeafDigest editor worried about
these rankings? No way.


— A deaf female general in a Netflix video

Netflix is interesting. Netflix overseas do not
always have captions. Netflix was forced in USA
to include captions on their videos, under pain
of lawsuits. Yet, Netflix has just announced
a new video – The Dragon Prince, which features
deaf and disabled animated actors. One such deaf
character is a general that is deaf and a female.
If Netflix tries to make good with us, then this
company should never cast fake-deaf actors in
their future movies and videos.


— young hearing lady saying the wrong thing

A young hearing lady was interviewed for a
newspaper story. She was asked about her
family. She said she knows ASL because of
her deaf-mute and blind uncle! Respecting
her uncle by describing him in a disrespectful



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— handcuffed deaf man turned down by judge

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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – September 25, 2018


— a common football penalty has a commercial sponsor

in football, if you jump offside, it ia five-yard
penalty. In the Alaska Football League (semi-pro),
this offside penalty is sponsored by the Accurate
Hearing Systems. It is a state-wide hearing aid
hearing aid dealer. Not sure what this sponsorship
is supposed to mean? Does the sponsor give the
league some money for each offsides penalty or
the Public Announcement says:

This is Accurate Hearing Systems offsides penalty


— movie director does not know the difference in ASL

The director of the movie, “The Silence” which
involves a fake-deaf actress, said the actress
signs perfectly and knows how to act as a deaf
person. His comment drew scathing criticism
from deaf celebrities Marlee Matlin and Nyle
DiMarco. Did the director think gesturing
is the same as ASL?


— so amazing for the deaf to ride motorcycles

We have many deaf motorcyclists in USA.
There is a web site about them. Well, in
Indonesia, a newspaper ran this headline:

Deaf bikers defy odds on Jakarta streets

This implies hearing people of Indonesia
are shocked that a deaf person can operate
a motorcycle!



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— unbelievable incident at a deaf school

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