— best Perogies in metro Pittsburgh area

Perogies, popular in Poland, is also popular in many
parts of USA. It is dumplings, often filled with
potatoes, but some are with sauerkraut, sweet
potatoes, cheese, etc. Deaf Perogies? Yes, Gosia’s
Pierogies located in Latrobe, PA, is deaf-owned and
most of kitchen people are deaf. Deaf husband-wife
team of Terry and Jan Smith-Rawecki, own and operate
this business. Their ingredients? Sorry, it is a
family secret, they said!


— big thumbs down from the deaf community

Hearing artist designed a mural that shows ASL
in downtown Idaho Falls, Idaho. The Deaf
Commuity unanimously thumbed it down, saying
the hearing artist knew nothing about finger
spelling and drew up the signs that were
wrongly shown. Big question – why was
a hearing artist, knowing ZERO about deaf,
given this assignment. There are many, many
talented deaf artists that can easily do the job!


— national deaf association operating a deaf school

Could National Association of the Deaf (NAD) operate a
deaf school? No, because NAD’s job is advocacy,
and while Deaf Education can be advocated, operating
the school is a different matter. Anyway one national
association operated a deaf school – the Singapore
Association for the Deaf operated the Singapore School
For The Deaf for a number of years. Unfortunately,
it closed up due to declining enrollment.



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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 25, 2018


— a LanguageLine app for police officers

There was a story about police officers having the
LanguageLine app on their iPhones; over 350
different langauge translation services are
available for these police officers when
communicating the people that do not speak
English. Yes, ASL is one of these 350 LanguageLine
options. Not sure if it is available everywhere
in USA or in just a few police jurisdictions.


— claiming credit for saving a deaf school

Election candidates are often claiming credit, whether
these claims are accurate or not accurate. One such
candidate in Wilson, North Carolina has claimed
credit for saving Eastern North Carolina School
for the deaf from being closed up three times.
True or not true? Yes, it was true that the school
was threatened with closure few times. Did
that candidate actually save the school three times?
Do not know!


— after 50 years, enough!

Gary Klingensmith, who is deaf, coached football at
Juniata High School (PA) for 50 years and finally
achieved his big dream – 300th career win, has decided
to retire after this football season. He said
he was not tired of football, but wanted to spend more
time with his family, especially six grandchildren.
Before coaching high school football, he coached
Gallaudet football three seasons in the 1960’s.
The Gallaudet coaching wins he enjoyed were these
big and memorable wins!



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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 23, 2018


— wearing a hearing aid could kill the interview

A deaf man wore a hearing aid to a job interview.
The employer saw it and gave all kinds of excuses
for not offering him the job. He then stopped
wearing his hearing aid during other job
interviews and was able to find a job. It
bothers DeafDigest because even without the hearing
aid, the employer would have already known of
his deafness. A deaf person is deaf, with or
without a hearing aid (or a CI).


— a big shock in Finland

Finland is one of the world’s best nations – high standard of
living, high quality of life, great economy, etc. Yet
it came as a big shock that years ago Finland practiced
eugenics, sterilizing young people to prevent deaf and
disabled babies from being born. Deaf people are demanding
that the government issue an apology over its eugenics


— a comment by a Certified Deaf Interpreter

A Certified Deaf Interpreter (CDI) said:

Doctors, interpreters and deaf patients tend to
misunderstand each other during medical
exams. And if it were not for CDI’s, lives of
some deaf patients would not be saved.



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DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 23, 2018


— Einstein’s deafness mystery

Many of us know that Thomas Edison, who became
deaf as a pre-teen, was the world’s greatest
inventor. How did he become deaf continues to
be a mystery. One version was a railroad accident.
Another version said train conductor was upset
about his secret chemical lab inside a railroad
car and hit him hard on the head. A third version
was ear infections and illnesses. Which version
is true? It was a big story today in one of the
on-line publications.


— a sign language club offers something other clubs don’t

The Idaho State University ASL club has offered something
that other high school and college sign language clubs
don’t. This club will be featuring open captioned
movies three times per week, not just for the benefit
of the university’s deaf students, but also for the
hearing students – and also the local deaf community!


— three big questions with captioning devices

A captioning advocate raised three questions regarding
captioning devices. Does the theater have enough devices
in stock during peak hours? Does the theater advertise
the availabiliy of these captioning devices. Last
question is – do they have a staffer that is trained
to set up these devices upon request? If not on either
of these questions, then that theater is not in
compliance with the ADA regulations.



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