DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – December 31, 2018

— deafness discovery in old days

Many older deaf people share tales of how their deafness
were discovered by hearing parents. Examples were
not hearing firecrackers, not hearing loud rock bands,
not hearing banging of the kitchen pots, etc. Hearing
screening tests has pretty much made discoveries
earlier and easier!


— federal marshals bully a deaf-blind airline traveler

A deaf-blind man, who was physically big, was seated in
the first class section in a Delta (again) airline.
After the plane took off, he tried to lower his seat
so he could relax on the trip. Two angry federal marshals,
seated behind him, pushed him back three times, refusing
to allow him to lower his seat. After the third time, he
protested with the flight hostess. As a result, the
marshals continued to harass him. The passenger filed
a lawsuit against the USA government and with the Delta
Airlines. So far, the courts have sided with the
deaf-blind passenger.


— a big honor for a past New Zealand deaf MP

Mojo Mathers, who is deaf, is a past member of New Zealand
Parliament. She was one of four people in her home
area to be named to the 2019 New Year’s Honors List.
This honor is reserved for individuals who have done
so much to help improve conditions in New Zealand.


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