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DeafDigest – 01 June 2018

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – June 1, 2018


— most deaf-friendly airline

Which airline is the most deaf-friendly? According to a
travel blogger, Virgin Airlines is. This is interesting
inasmuch as owner Richard Branson, not deaf, is one of
the world’s most controversial businessmen! A picture
is at:


— a Deaf Room

American School for the Deaf (CT) has opened
a Deaf Room, formally known as the Rockwell’s
Visual Communications Center. This room has
the following:

16 foot screen in front of the room that shows

several smaller screens that show captions

video production equipment for hands-on use

special loudspeaker that vibrates

FM system that hooks up hearing aids, CI’s with the
wireless microphone

The whole thing was the dream of deaf Executive
Director Jeff Bravin, which was five years
in the making.



— first time ever from a deaf candidate

We have many deaf candidates for public offices,
most don’t win, but some do. Hearing candidates
insult other candidates, in hopes of swaying
votes their way. Deaf candidates are more
polite – but there may be a first! Deaf candidate
Connell Crooms, hoping to win the election as
mayor of Jacksonville (FL) insulted his
opponent – saying he is a racist bully.
For the record, Crooms in an independent,
representing no political party.



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— hearing aid bribe

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