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DeafDigest – 08 June 2018

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – June 8, 2018


— deaf in Antiques Roadshow cable TV program

it was learned that Antiques Roadshow will feature
the works of the late Florence Attwood, a deaf
toymaker who made toys for several toymaking
companies. Rosie Benn, who is deaf, will be
on the program, showing the toymaker’s works.
It is also understood that one can watch the
program through Facebook. A picture is at:


— list of horrors at holding cell

A deaf woman was arrested because of public
intoxication. At the police station holding
cell, the guard would not turn face to allow
her to lipread; the guard ignored her request
to go to the bathroom; ignored her pleas for
easier communications; was roughed up by the
guards; placed a bag over her face preventing
her from seeing through it; told her to
relieve herself, while sitting on the holding
cell bench instead of going to bathroom; she
was allowed one telephone call and she called
her mother, but asked for voice interpreter
and was turned down. As a result, she has
filed a lawsuit. Why not an interpreter?
She does not use sign language. It took
place in Travis County in Texas.


— very deaf-unfriendly device

Amazon has announced a new hands-free
Alexa device for streaming TV programs.
Hearing users can shout – to turn on TV
or to change channels – or to look for a
certain program. What about the deaf
with no speech skills? Out of luck.
Product discrimination? Very much so yes!



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— students unaware of teacher’s deafness

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