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DeafDigest – 13 June 2018

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – June 13, 2018


— mysterious Hong Kong deaf stats

A newspaper story said that 80 percent of
150,000 deaf people in Hong Kong are senior
citizens (age 60 and above). True or not
true? Do statistics lie? Or is it possible
that young deaf people, while growing up
in Hong Kong, move away to other nations?
A picture is at:


— worst Deaf Advertising

Yesterday DeafDigest mentioned that “The Quiet
Man” is a half-movie, half-game that involves a
character that is deaf. A movie/game critic
said this trailer was the worst ever. A
trailer is important because it advertises
a product – and if the deaf trailer is bad,
would hearing people try out this half-movie,


— Deaf Art to be displayed at the Capitol in Washington, DC

Anna Wright, who is deaf and from Louisiana, is a talented
artist. One of her works, titled “theme of isolation”
will be displayed at the Capitol in Washington, DC some
time later this month. If you are in Washington, DC
at that time, it may be a good time to view the painting.


Deaf jobs – latest update

Barry’s collections of past articles (with today’s update)
— Deaf Arrests on Friday, the Thirteenth

06/10/18 Blue and Gold editions & options at:


— Check out the new post about how trauma can change you
on HealthBridges

HealthBridges is a website to learn about behavioral health
and social service resources for Deaf, DeafBlind and
Hard of Hearing People

Happy Summer 🙂
The HealthBridges Team