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DeafDigest – 14 June 2018

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – June 14, 2018


— sharing personal story of deafness with an enemy

This is a Quantico: “The Heavens Fall” scoop that
will be shown on Friday, June 15th. Late deafened
agent Jocelyn (played by Marlee Matlin) shares
her personal story of deafness with an enemy
that blew up a bomb that cost her hearing years
back. A picture is at:


— a confused grandfather with a confused child

A mother asked her father to pick up her 6-year old
son at the kindergarten to bring him to a hospital
for a flu shot. The grandfather arrived and
picked up the child. One thing went wrong –
it was not his actual grandchild but another
6-year old child. The mother, upon realizing
her son was missing, was frantic and sought
public help. Four hours later the child
was located and returned to his mother.
The wrong child picked up was deaf. He knew
something was wrong but was not able to
communicate. It took place in China,
and the grandfather was confused for two
reasons – both boys looked almost the same,
and even their last names looked the
same (Xiao Hongyu and Xiao Hongrui).


— AT&T and the deaf

AT&T is in the news because of its merger with
Time Warner. How is it going to affect the deaf?
Maybe too early so best to wait and see. Many
deaf people use iPhones that are marketed by
AT&T. And also there are deaf subscribers to the
Time Warner captioned cable TV programs. Six
years ago, the Federal Fair Trade Commission
sued AT&T on charges of ignoring credit
card fraud with the deaf relay system.



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— Australia refuses to allow visit by deaf traveler

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