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DeafDigest – 25 June 2018

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – June 25, 2018

— Legoland tells deaf children to go away

A group of deaf children wanted to enter the
Legoland playground but were not permitted
to do so – because of their deafness. It took
place in Tokyo. The Legoland headquarters said
they made a mistake and has given an apology.
A picture is at:


— Dummy Hoy wins an interesting honor

The Society for American Baseball Research voted Dummy Hoy
as the Overlooked 19th Century Baseball Legend for this year.
The strong hint that society says is that Hoy definitely
belongs to the Hall of Fame but isn’t. He is not the only
deaf ball player with that Overlooked honor. The first one
was Pete Browning in 2009!


— interpreters are sometimes attorneys!

Do interpreters function as attorneys? No,
because they do not have legal degrees –
but there are situations that interpreters
worry about – medical, mental health, VRS,
VRI, working with Deaf/Blind, courtroom,
confidentality issues, etc. This was the
issue raised in a workshop for interpreters
wanting to know these dangerous legal



Deaf jobs – latest update

Barry’s collections of past articles (with today’s update)
— trapped hearing burglar

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