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DeafDigest – 02 July 2018

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – July 2, 2018


— ugly lawsuit in Florida

A deaf man applied for ASL teaching position at
Pensacola State College in Florida. The university
told him he was overqualified. The job was given
to a hearing woman. She told the deaf man that she
asked the university if any deaf person applied for
the ASL job. The university said no! The university
now has to defend itself against a job discrimination
lawsuit because of this lie. A picture is at:


— too few deaf truckers

Today’s newspaper said:

America’s severe trucker shortage could undermine the
prosperous economy

Trucking companies are offering big pay and $4,000 bonuses
to lure drivers. It’s not working.


Maybe few deaf people (same as few hearing people) want
to be truck drivers because the job is tough – long hours
of driving and no home life? Deaf reasons same as hearing


— be careful of old hotels

Many hotels are old. What this means is old TV sets.
Yes, there are captions with old TV sets – but these
captions show up very slow on TV when deaf people
switch channels, using old remotes! No one likes
slow captions.



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