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DeafDigest – 18 July 2018

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – July 18, 2018


— famous deaf woman told she should not find a job

One of the most famous deaf women is Regina Hughes, who passed
away in 1993. She was a famed illustrator of botany and plants.
The Smithsonian Institution named two plants after her.
As a young woman, she was looking for a job after
graduation from Gallaudet in 1918. Nebraska senator
Filbert Hichcock was a friend of her family. He told her,
but with a hint of her deafness:

nice girls don’t work. You go home and stay with your
papa and meet a nice man and he’ll take care of you.

Of course, she refused to listen to this advice.
A picture is at:


— Hospital VRI rules

A group of hospitals and health centers in Kansas has these
VRI rules – deaf patient has the right to refuse VRI; once
a deaf patient enters a hospital, the VRI cannot be used;
VRI appointments must be interpreted only by one of the
health center interpreters; VRI can be used for last-minute
appointments and during bad weather; a local interpreting
agency knows that not all VRI appointments are good idea.



— reason Hollywood really don’t want deaf actors

There is a reason Hollywood don’t want deaf actors.
Is Hollywood anti-deaf? No. They are afraid that hearing
people won’t watch movies if deaf actors are cast.
Yes, we have few deaf actors that are successful,
but most deaf actors struggle to find roles.



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— deaf scientist forced change in conference presentations

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