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DeafDigest – 23 July 2018

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – July 23, 2018

— a bad newspaper headline

Newspapers ran this headline:

Starbucks Is Opening A Signing Store Specifically For
Deaf & Hard Of Hearing

This was in reference to Starbucks opening up near
Gallaudet in Washington, DC, and hiring an all-ASL
staff. It is a bad, bad newspaper headline for it
says “specifically” for the deaf and hard of
hearing, meaning hearing people are not allowed?
Of course, hearing people are allowed.
A picture is at:


— expensive for ADA defendants

It is pretty much expensive in legal fees for ADA lawsuit
defendants. One recent ADA case, that the deaf won, cost
the stubborn hearing defendant over $100,000 in
legal fees! This is separate from payment for damages.


— being nosey but not understanding

A hearing person said:

I love watching people sign to one another in
the subways. Their signs are very fast with
a lot of facial expressions. I then realized
many deaf people have strong feelings
about ASL.

Is that hearing person nosey without
deaf people knowing it? Again there are
many nosey hearing people that listen to
hearing conversations!



Deaf jobs – latest update

Barry’s collections of past articles (with today’s update)
— Capital Hill deafness resource person

07/22/18 Blue and Gold editions & sub options at:



— opportunities for deaf writer, content editor and
international signs signer

go to:

and scroll down until you see
Opportunities at H3 World TV