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DeafDigest – 24 July 2018

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – July 24, 2018


— an interpreter confession

An interpreter said that many interpreters
do not understand sign language that their
deaf clients use. They get away with it by
saying things that the deaf never made.
When that happens, the deaf do not know that
their words have been misinterpreted!
A picture is at:



— computer hacker tries to help the deaf

DeafDigest was worried that sign language Alexa may
not understand the some signs the deaf use. It was
learned that the sign language Alexa was created
by a computer hacker that inserts sign language
into that device. The hacker uses camera that
copies deaf signs and deaf gestures and
programs these into Alexa. If the hacker copies
wrong signs it may be useless to the deaf!



— do not always depend on handwritten notes

A deaf person, with good lipreading skills,
learned his lesson – do not always depend
on handwritten notes. He was setting up
an appointment; the receptionist asked him
“Is Friday good for you?” and he said
yes. The handwritten notes showed a
Wednesday appointment. If he didn’t
catch “Friday” via lipreading he would
have thought Wednesday was the appointment
day. Luckily he had it straightened out.



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— snap physician decisions

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