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DeafDigest – 27 July 2018

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – July 27, 2018


— state laws and the interpreters

It was learned that only 16 states require
ASL interpreters to be licensed. Also only
12 (of these 16 states) accept RID
certification as state license. What about
34 states that do not require licenses?
A big mess, it certainly is. A picture
is at:


— movie punishment for being deaf

Movie scripts used to punish deaf characters because of their
deafness. That was true in Hollywood years ago. Not so any


— 23andMe and ancestry sites may look into deaf genes

Many people grow up without knowing their real parents.
This is the reason why these people sign up with
23andMe and ancestry other sites in hopes of finding their
real families. Cost ranges between $100 to $140. The
search looks for deafness genes, if any, as well as
with other non-deaf genetical issues.



Deaf jobs – latest update

Barry’s collections of past articles (with today’s update)
— History, big deaf role

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