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DeafDigest – 01 August 2018

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – August 1, 2018


— very bitter hearing ear dog lawsuit

A deaf man has been at war for 13 years with
his condo association in Chicago. This association,
trying to ban the hearing ear dog, spent over $2.6
million in legal expenses. The deaf man refused to
give up and filed many complaints and lawsuits
with city, county and state jurisdictions plus
two court jurisdictions, accusing the association
of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.

The condo just said it is a pet violation while
avoiding the ADA issue. A picture is at:


— ugly incident at a sandwich shop

A deaf woman stood in line at a sandwich shop, waiting
for her turn to place the order. While waiting, she
keyed in her order on her iPhone Notes app. She didn’t
realize it was her turn, and she was still keying in.
It got several people angry, and one of them tapped
so hard on her shoulder that she almost dropped her
iPhone. And making it worse was the counter employee
saying loudly for everyone to hear “you have to stop
texting.” The surprised deaf woman quickly showed
the employee the text that showed her sandwich
order. Everyone in the sandwich shop went quiet.
Even the woman who tapped hard quickly apologized.


— a new superintendent at Kansas School for the Deaf

Luanne Barron, who is deaf and a Gallaudet graduate
(and athlete) is the new superintendent of Kansas
School for the Deaf. After graduating from Gallaudet
her career was always been in Education of the Deaf.



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— deaf author of mystery novels

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