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DeafDigest – 08 August 2018

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – August 8, 2018


— still continuing with Ninja TV

Last year, DeafDigest mentioned that Kyle
Schulze, who is deaf, was a new TV Ninja
participant. He is still competing in
his second season. He has had his
disasters during competition but is
still surviving. A picture is at:


— a deaf short film that leaves us with questions

Seri Khairuniza, a young deaf Singaporean woman,
produced a deaf-theme short film that profiled
the lives of a deaf teacher, a deaf accountant
and a deaf media expert. A newspaper story
praised her filmwork. Still, this film has
questions. The producer does not use sign
language. Did the three deaf people she
profiled use sign language? And if signs
were used, how was the deaf producer able
to understand the dialogue. Such details
this newspaper story did not mention!



— wasting a Deaf Resource person

It is always a mystery that a late-deafened family member
would not ask a deaf family member for questions and
referrals about the deaf world. Too proud to learn about
deaf devices (, late-deafened
organizations, deaf services, ADA and then push away people
that want to help him. He would then depart us, still
knowing nothing for years about things that could have
helped him.



Deaf jobs – latest update

Barry’s collections of past articles (with today’s update)
— chess is a dangerous activity

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