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DeafDigest – 28 August 2018

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – August 28, 2018


— customer service centers helping or not helping the deaf

When people have complaints, they contact customer service
centers. Some are by mail, by email, by voice phone and
by chat. For the deaf, results have been mixed. Many
companies toss mail into the trash can; more companies
stop accepting emails; all companies have voice numbers
but many of them resist relay calls, thinking it is
scam. As for chat, many overseas centers handle chat,
but English language is quite a barrier. What is best?
Face to face communications in person if this is at
all possible. A picture is at:


— 911-text problems

A dispatch center director said that voice
is so much better than text during emergencies.
Voice is faster. Dispatchers can pick up hints
from “panic” voices. Text communications is
slower than voice communications. If the
emergency call involves CPR, voice instructions
can do that; text instructions can’t. This is
why improving 911-text calls is always a
priority with the deaf.


— Netflix is good and bad

Netflix is good in USA because it offers 100 percent
captioning, which is what they promised. Netflix
is bad in Great Britain. According to a survey
nearly 40 percent of videos are not captioned or
subtitled! Possibly because our ADA is the world’s
strongest law that protects the deaf.



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