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DeafDigest – 14 September 2018

— Rock Star interpreter not on TV

Jason Hurdich, a Certified Deaf Interpreter,
was a sensation in South Carolina; hearing
people watching him interpret governor’s
speeches, called him the Rock Star Interpreter.
But Jason was not on TV during recent news
coverage on the hurricane and some people
thought he just stopped interpreting. He did
not disappear, but was busy teaching ASL at
Clemson University. Oh, by the way, interpreters
are never Rock Stars; they are certified
professionals whose duty is effective


— These Deaf Super Heroes

A movie – Sign Gene, features Deaf Super
Heroes – meaning Deaf Superman, Deaf Wonderwoman,
Deaf Batman, etc. Six languages are shown in
the film – ASL, Japanese SL, Italian SL as well
as English, Japanese and Italian. It is said
that when one watches the movie, one would think
it is Deaf James Bond.


— bad reason for no interpreter

A deaf prisoner needed an interpreter. The prison
official refused to give him an interpeter,
insisting that written notes will do. Why
did the official refuse an interpeter. He said:

too much of a hassle to get an interpreter

This is the reason why a law suit is going on
right now.




Deaf jobs – latest update

Barry’s collections of past articles (with today’s update)
— Prison officer, friend of deaf, lost his job

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