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DeafDigest – 20 September 2018

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – September 20, 2018

— Australian anti-piracy laws may kill subtitles

A group of video distributors such as Disney, 20th
Century Fox, Paramount, is pushing for anti-piracy
laws in Australia. The issue is copyrighted
material. Many of these video pirates insert
subtitles for the benefit of viewers that only
know English. These video providers do not insert
subtitles because they are not required to do so
in Australia! This is a legal minefield that may
hurt the deaf that require subtitles to legal
(as well as illegal videos)!


— state senator opposes hearing aid coverage

Leah Vukmir is a state senator in Wisconsin. She has
constantly opposed bills, sponsored by both parties,
to expand insurance coverage hearing aids and CI’s.
Her reason is that insurance companies cannot afford
to pay for these coverages. There is an irony. She
is a nurse. It should be assumed that nurses should
be sensitive to the accommodation needs of patients,
but apparently she isn’t. Oh, by the way, she is
a Republican U.S. Senate candidate.


— fierce opposition to new DC bill to require open captions

Open captioning advocates in the District of Columbia have
pushed for a bill, that was introduced by one councilmember
to require open captions in some, but not all, showings.
The bill would require multiple-screen movie theaters
to show open captions at least four showings of each
film – during peak hours and weekday evenings. Vigorously
opposing the bill is Jack Evans, DC’s most powerful
politician. He is that powerful and he often gets his
way among fellow council members.


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