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DeafDigest – 01 October 2018

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 1, 2018



— big protest against automated captioning software

Deaf people don’t like automated captioning software
because it makes so many errors. Video providers
love it because it saves them money. Anyway there
is a group that is collecting signatures to a petition
to tell FCC to ban automated captioning software.
Will FCC listen to us? No.


— comment by a late-deafened person who became hearing

A woman was born hearing, but became deaf and then years
later, thanks to a CI, she became hearing again. She said:

I was just a tourist in the deaf world

It is a fact that late-deafened people have little,
if no, connection to the deaf world where everyone
grew up deaf.


— old way to help the deaf did help the hearing

years ago, a deaf man had a big job. He was the only
deaf person in the group, and there were no interpreters
or captions. The deaf man was important and the
supervisor wanted to make him happy. During staff
meetings, everything was written down on the blackboard.
It was realized that hearing people were also helped,
because they often forget spoken words during the meetings.
But when everyone copied everything on the blackboard,
no one forgets it. Since then these meetings had less
spoken words and more on the blackboards!



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— deaf designer, greeting cards company

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