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DeafDigest – 02 October 2018

DeafDigest Mid-Week edition – October 2, 2018



— Toronto’s birdman is deaf

Every big city has street artists and craftsmen which
add so much to local culture. One such person in Toronto
is Ross Ward. He carves birds out of wood and sells
them on the streets. He is deaf. He said that as long
as he is able to make enough money to pay his bills
he is happy.


— ugly fighting among board members

There was a story about a school board member getting
into a physical confrontation with another board
member during a board meeting. That person is currently
facing assault charge. Deaf board meetings always peaceful?
Not always that so. Years ago, as a young man, the DeafDigest
editor was in a board meeting with a non-profit deaf service
agency. A deaf board member, very angry, swung a chair
at the editor during the meeting. Fortunately, no one
was hurt as the angry board member was restrained and
told to cool off. Police wasn’t called in and everyone
forgot all about it.


— telling the deaf that the car is for them

There have been cases, one was tragic, of
passengers asking for a Lyft/Uber rides only
to enter the wrong cars. Not taking any
chances, Lyft has come up with a display
device telling the deaf that they have
entered the correct car!



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— car battery and the deaf

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